Kettlebell Grundlagen 1: Testimonial 17: „Effective training, great explanations, great tips… great seminar!”

I heard about Kettlebell training from a friend and decided to attend the seminar and see if this is something for me. I have to say it was a great decision (in the end I also bought a 8 kg Kettlebell to keep up the training). 

The seminar was a real eye opener: well organized, lots of helpful tips explained at all levels (for trained and untrained) and not in the least a great and fun atmosphere. The instructor gave a lot of suggestions easy to follow that help understand the technique and also improve your performance. He payed full attention to the details and left no one behind, observing everybody individually and never moving on until you did it right.

Moreover after you understood and done the exercise right, he was helpful with hints how to can even push your performance to a better level. Since the explanations were so easy to follow and so well tailored to improve ones short comes, you were amazed to see that in just a few minutes you could drastically improve.

I am all in all really impressed, so I can only highly recommend this course.

Magdalena Baciu